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Top Affordable Health Insurance is a trusted health insurance web aggregator that provides effective information and comparison among different health insurance products offered by several leading insurance companies. We want to bring into your notice that we are not an insurance company; we do not sell any insurance products. We only provide quality and true information related to the different insurance plans and products offered. We tend to provide up-to-date information and comparison between different insurance plans of many companies that assists you in making a better decision when buying insurance. By visiting our website, visitors are assumed to agree to the mentioned terms and conditions.

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At Top Affordable Health Insurance, we provide assistance in comparing different insurance plans offered by leading insurance companies in India. We provide comprehensive and detailed comparison of several products on our website that help buyers to make an informed decision. We do not indulge in any mis-spelling of products; therefore we protect users and make them aware about the true information.

  • Being only a web aggregator of health insurance coverage plans across India, we DO NOT represent the insurance companies in any way or form
  • We also do not act as a third party seller of health insurance, as there will be no option to buy the insurance directly from our website
  • Top Affordable Health Insurance only guides you about different insurance products by analyzing your browsing behavior and details provided by you
  • We do not charge for our expert services. There is zero fee charge for our expert advisory services to the customers who visit our website
  • With our expert guidance, we intend you to help you take the best insurance purchase decision. 
  • In case, you are not satisfied with the policy, you may choose the free look option and intimate the respective insurance company about it.

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We are not responsible for any direct or indirect loss or damage which has arisen by an outcome of using our resources or due to any fraud or data loss, or due to cancellation of payment, or access or downtime.

Top Affordable Health Insurance does not guarantee the effectiveness or appropriateness of the website information or the quality of the results gained by the resources of our website. By law, we have no liability related to the results of insurance product recommendations or choice of the insurance product. It is advised to the user to research extensively about different products and pursue expert and additional advices from the insurance provider.


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Top Affordable Health Insurance intends to provide true and fair information about insurance products and companies to the possible extent. Information related to premium rates, policy benefits, maturity, free look are as provided by the insurance companies to us. We do not rely on the insurance companies for the information provided to us. We only provide comparison between products that helps you to make an insurance purchase decision.