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Top Affordable Health Insurance pays due respect to the customers who share their personal information with us. We are a responsible team that maintains the integrity of the private information shared by the customers. Such personal information is critical; hence, we ensure that the information given by the customers are protected at all costs because your privacy is very important for us.

We protect you

We at Top Affordable Health Insurance do not share, trade, sell, disclose, lease, and transmit your personal information to any third party who is not authorized to receive any such information. Our privacy policy terms are highly stringent, and we pay due respect to such clauses. The privacy policy of Top Affordable Health Insurance explains how we use and hold your information with us.

Pledge on customer’s privacy

At Top Affordable Health Insurance, we are committed to using and protect your personal information by the IT laws of the country. The personal information such as name, date of birth, address, income, telephone or mobile number, or email address provided by the customer is voluntary and captured at the website of Top Affordable Health Insurance.com.

We intend to share such information only in such cases-

  • You have authorized us to share your information
  • You have allowed us to maintain communication with you by your contact email id or telephone number related to insurance products
  • We intend to collect and use the personal data to provide relevant products or services which may interest you or which we want to inform you about
  • We want to bring to your notice that by visiting the website of Top Affordable Health Insurance, you authorize us to share your personal information with our partners and affiliates. With good intention, it is done to provide you the best information regarding your queries

Right to access the information

We use your information to provide you news related to different insurance products. Even if you have registered your contact number with the DND services, we have the right to call or message you regarding information about latest insurance products, promotions, and services.

Right to modification

Top Affordable Health Insurance has the right to modify its privacy policy if it is required without providing any prior notification. It is advised to the customer to read our latest policy clauses before taking a decision. It any discrepancy arises, Top Affordable Health Insurance would not be responsible for it. Customers must read the privacy policy of our company when they visit the website.


Top Affordable Health Insurance has applied “cookies” on its important pages to analyze peculiar customers’ browsing behavior or interest. We store such information collected to know about a customer’s interest to provide product information that may be useful for you. We pay due concern to your safety and trust, and hence, its intention is to only provide promotional effectiveness.

Links to third parties

Our website may contain certain links to other third parties, and we do not manage such websites. Our company is not responsible for the activities of such parties; therefore our intention to provide such links is mere convenience. If you click on such links, we would not be responsible for any consequences.