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Affordable Health Insurance in Illinois

January 03,2017 0 comments

In today’s highly complicated health insurance market, it is but natural to feel lost in the myriad of plans, providers, terms & conditions and costs. The importance of health insurance for all class of individuals cannot be overestimated. For instance, in Illinois, the average cost for one day of hospitalization (inpatient) before an insurance plan is $1,800. In medical emergencies, when you are already under a lot of stress, bearing this stress on yourself or passing it to your family can further add to it. Compare this to the average premium for health insurance- which is just around $954 annually, and you can see for yourself as to the difference that it can make.    

How affordable is health insurance?

A common cause of concern in most people regarding health insurance plans is the affordability factor. Despite of the Affordable Health Care Act (or Obamacare), health insurance continues to be out of reach for a large section of the population. For instance, approximately 13% of the residents in Illinois continue to be without any form of health insurance.

If you are looking for health insurance plans that are affordable and provide you comprehensive coverage, then you can look beyond the plans on government portals and state exchanges. This is where Agile Health Insurance comes in.

Agile Health Insurance- what can it do for you?

Agile Health Insurance is dedicated towards providing its customers with affordable and comprehensive solutions to their health insurance requirements. The highlight of this is that the plans offered on Agile Health Insurance can cost you as much as 50% less when compared to the Obamacare and HealthCare.gov plans.

These plans are also highly flexible- you can purchase them almost anytime, and not just when the limited enrollment period of Obamacare is on. Further, there are no blackout days- thus being the first service that provides a true ‘all year enrollment’ facility. There is also the flexibility of choosing the doctor and hospital.

Understanding Term Health Insurance

Term Health Insurance is one of the major forms of medical insurance that works in a variety of situations. It can be the ideal replacement to Obamacare solutions at a fraction of the cost. The range of options provides a great deal of freedom in terms of the treatment options, payment plans and coverage choices. With customizations from a 1 month to 11 month period, there is little that you cannot fine-tune as per your preferences. Many of these plans are also inclusive of dental discounts.

Hundreds of thousands of people are already making use of term health insurance to protect their medical and health interests. Agile Health Insurance lists only the best term health insurance plans, with most of them being accompanied by a A+ Superior Rating from A.M. Best. This rating is an indication the financial strength of the company, and how capable it is in meeting any obligations towards its customers.

The importance of going with a trusted health insurance provider

As you set out to look for affordable health insurance, there will be a number of questions in your mind. Affordability, eligibility, coverage, reputation of the provider and so on. You can take care of all these factors by shopping for insurance from Agile Health Insurance. The best and most affordable of health insurance plans in Illinois are available on it. You can easily search for plans by your PIN code, compare quotes and choose the one that suits your requirements and budget. It takes less than 30 minutes to setup the plan and you can be covered by the next day!

With this range of features- there is no excuse for you to go uninsured any longer- protect yourself and your family with health insurance today itself.

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