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Affordable Health Insurance in California

December 20,2016 0 comments

As the search for health insurance plans in California starts, you may find yourself in a complicated maze of insurance providers, plans, terms, costs, etc. For most of us out there, this is a daunting task. Health insurance is something whose importance cannot be overestimated. However, with this great importance comes the responsibility of choosing an insurance plan that meets your needs, fits your budget and is there when you need it to be.

While the Affordable Health Care Act may have brought down the cost of health insurance, it still is not the most affordable of all options. When we talk about affordable, however, it is not just the cost- it also includes getting the most benefits at the lowest possible price with flexibility. This is something that Obamacare may not offer and is exactly where Agile Health Insurance steps in.

The difference

Agile Health Insurance is aimed at helping policyholders find the most affordable insurance plans that give them a host of benefits along with a deal of flexibility. Let’s look at these factors one by one.

The cost of plans on Agile Health Insurance is as much as 50% of similar Obamacare plans for eligible customers. The benefits offered are comparable, and even better in most cases. In addition to that, the policyholders are given the choice of their preferred hospital and doctors. Enrollment for these plans is open all the year- there are no blackout days, no specific enrollment periods.

The Agile Health Insurance plan gives you access to a host of healthcare providers. There are also dental discounts that form a part of these plans, and they can be sought for 1 to 11 months as required. Term Health Insurance is the only type of health insurance that has all these benefits.

Understanding term health insurance

Term health insurance is preferred by a large section of the US population, for it provides both medical and financial population. The plans listed on Agile Health Insurance are from the best of carriers, all of which have an A+ or Superior rating provided by AM Best, which is an independent rating opinion. This is a validation of the fact that they are committed to fulfilling their obligations for the policyholders. Add this to the fact that the same people who started selling health insurance online are the ones behind Agile Health Insurance- and you can be sure that you will get the best protection that money can buy.

Term health insurance is ideal for a host of cases. You can use it as you transition between different policies, for when you go to college, at times when you need to immediately enroll for coverage and so on. You can enroll for these plans and get approval in less than 15 minutes in most cases-, which means the benefits can start the next day without any other complications.

As you set out to buy your health insurance plan, taking care of the above-mentioned points will help you get the most of your money along with security for yourself and your family. Knowing that your health and finances are protected you plan better for the future- and this guarantee is what Agile Health Insurance will help you achieve.

With plans that can be purchased at any time,  canceled as per your requirement, paid for with flexible payment options and used for coverage at any hospital and from any doctor, what more can you ask for? As you begin looking for affordable health insurance in California, make the smarter choice with Agile Health Insurance- and you will surely know the difference! 

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