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Affordable Health Insurance for College Students

December 20,2016 0 comments

A lot of changes in the health insurance sector have allowed college students to easily get affordable health insurance.  With the Affordable Care Act, college students can stay under their parent’s health insurance until 2 years of age. However- for this, it is important that the parents have insurance plans under the Affordable Health Care Act.

Another alternative is that the insurance premiums for college students can be included with their expenses, thus letting them pay it later as a part of the student loans. Finding the right health insurance for students is nothing short of a challenge. Emergencies and ailments can arise at any time, and being prepared for them- especially when you are already involved in the college curriculum, can be quite the challenge.

Government plans are not the most affordable options out there. You may find may other ‘cheap insurance plans’- but how reputed are they? Taking care of things like these is important to find the best health insurance plan, and this is where Agile Health Insurance comes in.

The key to affordable health insurance for college students

Poor health may not be the first thing in the mind of a college student- but it is something that must be taken care of before college begins. The importance of insuring young adults cannot be overestimated- and to help in just that, Agile Health Insurance is working towards providing affordable plans for everyone.

For college students, while rolling the premium of an expensive insurance plan in the student loan may seem like an attractive option, it is in fact adding to the interest costs. Thus, you end up paying even more than the already overpriced insurance plan. Affordable insurance plan is the key to making the most of your money, and you can start with that by choosing Agile Health Insurance.

What does Agile Health Insurance offer?

Think of Agile Health Insurance as your one stop place for finding the best health insurance quotes in the market and getting yourself insured in less than 30 minutes.  You can find a health insurance plan tailored as per your requirements including your location/ZIP code, the premium and how you wish to play it (up-front cost or monthly payments) and a host of other options.

The highlight of plans on Agile Health Insurance is that they can be as much as 50% less expensive as compared to the ones that you get from government portals and private agencies. Further, these plans are made to suit almost any kind of individual. They are underwritten by financially powerful insurers. This helps you have increased security about the plan, knowing that you are protected at all times and situations.

Agile Health Insurance is a portal that can get you a plan suited to your requirements and budget within minutes. In addition to all these factors, it is one of the only portals that have a year-round enrollment period. This means that you can get your health insurance on it on any day, for there are no black-out periods.  The plans also come with the ability to choose your preferred hospital and doctor.

Most ‘affordable’ plans are highly restrictive in many areas, but Agile Health Insurance differs here. With a guarantee to get you the best price on all health insurance plans, there is little that you have to worry about. For college students, with both the cost and benefits of the plan taken care of- there cannot be a better deal.

Thus, as you set out to start your college journey, remember that health insurance is important and can be highly affordable when taken from the right provider. Choose Agile Health Insurance- and choose security, affordability, and a safe future!

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